Zoe Young

Studio 34

This studio is open 17-19 September 2021

1 hammersmith terrace
W6 9TS

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I enjoy making pots that are mainly functional but also beautiful and lovely to touch and hold. I love the throwing process and find that often the pots grow and form themselves of their own accord into something unexpected. That is only the beginning of the process, turning the pots may change their character again. The next stage, the glazing, is fascinating as it may give a rather unusual result which adds to the fun. Of course the very final stage is interacting with people as they come to look at and discuss the pieces and the process of making them. Last year several of my pots went abroad and I love to think of them, and ones that have not gone so far afield, being enjoyed in their new homes. 

We enjoy making Raku pots and sculptures at our studio. Raku firing is exciting but there are often casualties as pots get dropped due to the extreme heat or they don't get fired hot enough. We get some wonderful colours in the glazes when we have a successful firing. I particularly like making figures in this way. 

Group of Bowls
Ref: 2021-4561
I enjoy the whole experience of experimenting with styles and glazes as typified by this group. These bowls are for sale separately.


Speckled Pale Green Bowl
Stoneware Height 7cm x Width 16cm
Ref: 2021-5116
Pale green bowl with a lovely brown speckle.


Concentrated Green Bowl
Stoneware height 7cm x width 18.5cm
Ref: 2021-5096
This pot had two layers of glaze - a green glaze on top of white. The green glaze has ‘slipped’ down the pot leaving a white rim and a lovely greeny blue streaky colour before coalescing at the bottom of the pot.


Raku 20cm
Ref: 2021-5011
I enjoy making figures often based on people I have seen. This sculpture is not for sale.


Raku 30cm
Ref: 2021-5010
I love the little baby pressed against his Mum’s back. This sculpture is not for sale


Lion Fountain
Stoneware Approx 30x30
Ref: 2021-5007
This lion was based on an antique wooden lion plaque that belonged to my Father. I think that he has a very friendly face. I have been enjoying sitting in my garden listening to the sound of running water. He comes with his own solar pump and the water cycles round the system so he doesn’t need a separate water supply once set up.


Pouring Bowl
Stoneware Height 7.5cm - Width 13
Ref: 2021-4512
Lovely green glaze - a useful bowl designed for pouring


Black Shiny Bowl
Ref: 2021-4511
This glaze is so dark it is almost but not quite black. It has a lovely textured surface and a deep shine.


Finger Pot
Ref: 2021-4510
This greenish pot has three semicircles cut out of the rim - very tactile.


Hazy blue bowl
Stoneware Height 7cm width 16cm
Ref: 2021-4509
This glaze has a wonderful deep blue speckle shot with a hazy blue white which clouds the surface.


Deglazed Pot
Stoneware Height 9cm - Width 15cm
Ref: 2021-4508
Thin asymmetrical pot that was dipped in a greenish glaze that was then scraped off before the pot was fired. The result is a nearly nude pot that has retained some vestiges if the glaze.


Three Blue Speckled Bowls (sold separately)
Stoneware From Left - Small bowl H 6cm x W 11cm, Stepped foot bowl H 8cm
Ref: 2021-4507
These pots are all glazed in a rich blue glaze speckled with brown and green. The glaze feels smooth and creamy to touch. Small Bowl £20, Stepped Foot Bowl £35, Large Bowl £35


Speckled Mid size bowl
Ref: 2021-4505
Thin asymmetrical bowl glazed with a lovely mid shiny glaze with green, blue and brown speckles and flecks in it.


Sea Green Bowl
Stoneware Height 6cm - Width 14cm
Ref: 2021-4503
This is a thin asymmetrical bowl with a matt sea green glaze. The glaze has a really unusual crystalline finish.


Rain splashed blue jug
Stoneware Height 11cm - Width 6cm
Ref: 2021-4502
Straight sided small jug


Black Crumpled Cup
Stoneware Height 8.5cm - Width 9cm
Ref: 2021-4501
Delicate cup with dark shiny glaze


Blue Swan Jug
Stoneware Height 9cm - Width 7cm
Ref: 2021-4499
Beautiful high shine glaze with swirls of blue. Very lovely to hold


Fluid Pot in Guacamole
Stoneware Height 10cm - Width 18cm
Ref: 2021-4498
I really enjoy making this style of fluid pot - it is a difficult to balance the fluid form with complete collapse of the pot. This glaze breaks beautifully into a myriad of greens.


Black pot with small foot
Stoneware Height 10cm - Width 13cm
Ref: 2021-4497
Thin elegant pot in a lovely dark glaze that is not quite black. I particularly like its very small foot.


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