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If you are interested in joining AAH to exhibit please leave your details via email to be notified when applications open. Applications must be received by September preceding the year of exhibition so please make a note in your diary - it is up to you to make sure you apply in time. The information below may help answer some of your questions.

When does Artists at Home take place?

The third weekend in June. 
Friday 6-9pm; Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 6pm.

Who can take part?

Any serious practitioner in the fine or applied arts living/working in the defined area shown below may apply to join. The discipline might be painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile design, photography, print-making or jewellery but this list is not exhaustive. Work shown must have been produced by the artist; mass-produced objects and work by artists not in AAH are not acceptable.

Can I share a studio or show with a friend?

Yes, but you must both be living or working within the area to participate. Please make a note on your application if you would like to be a host for another artist or are looking for someone to host you. 

Do I have to be there the whole time?

We ask all artists to make sure they are open for the publicised times. Visitors are coming to see you and your work and it reflects badly on the event if you are not there to welcome them. We understand there may be unforeseen occasions when you have to step out, but please make sure someone else is there so visitors don’t have a wasted journey.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in applying, please register your interest by email and you will be contacted when registrations open in early Autumn asking you to make a proper application. 

When is the deadline for application?

All applications must be recieved by the end of September preceding the year of exhibition.

When do I have to supply my images?

Your primary image must be supplied by January.

Once the new studios have been published on the website (usually April) you will be given access details and will be able to add extra images to your profile yourself. It is in your own interest to show more of your work and this should be done by May preceding the AAH weekend at the latest.

How much does it cost?

There is an initial joining fee of £140 and an annual fee of £95 for every year you take part. You may take a year off if you don’t wish to participate.  If you take more than two years off you will have to re-pay the joining fee.

Do I pay commission on any work sold?

No. Any sales agreed are between you the artist and your buyer. Artists at Home plays no role in any sales agreements.

What is expected of me?

The event is run by all the artists collaboratively on a volunteer basis. If you join you are expected to participate and help with tasks including delivering booklets. This will be co-ordinated by a zone leader and you will have help and guidance.

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