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When is the Artists at Home weekend?

14–16 June 2024
Friday 6–9pm; Saturday and Sunday from 11am–6pm.

Artists At Home website

An important feature of membership is that your online artist page, which you can use all year round to publicise your work, is your own personal exhibition space and can be used instead of maintaining a separate website. An analysis of traffic to the Artists At Home website shows artist pages having over 16,000 unique visitors and 121,909 views in 2023.

Who can take part?

Any serious practitioner in the fine or applied arts living or practising within the area defined on the map below may apply to join. The discipline might be painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile design, photography, printmaking or jewellery but this list is not exhaustive. Work shown must have been produced by the artist; mass-produced objects and works by artists who are not members of Artists At Home may not be exhibited.

Can I share a studio or show with a friend?

Yes, if host and sharer(s) live within the Artists At Home area (see map) and are registered members of AAH. Please make a note on your application if you would like to be a host for another artist or are looking for someone to host you. 

When is the deadline for application?

Your application must have been accepted by 31 January 2024.

How much does it cost?

There is an initial non-refundable joining fee of £140. In addition, the annual membership fee is £115. Members may take a sabbatical of one year at a time. A member who doesn’t open their studio for two successive years will have to pay 50% of the current joining fee to re-join, in addition to the annual membership fee for their artist page to remain online. 

Do I pay commission on any work sold?

No. Any sales agreed are between you the artist and your buyer. Artists at Home plays no role in any sales agreements.

Do I have to be there the whole time?

We ask all artists to make sure they are open for the publicised times. Visitors are coming to see you and your work and it reflects badly on the event if you are not there to welcome them. We understand there may be unforeseen occasions when you have to step out, but please make sure someone else is there so visitors don’t have a wasted journey.

What is expected of me?

The event is run by a steering group of volunteer members, with support from the whole membership at key times. If you join AAH, you will be expected to participate and help with tasks such as distributing the printed studio guide. This will be coordinated by a zone leader and you will be given help and guidance.

When do I have to supply my images?

You have until 29 February 2024 to supply a high resolution image for printing in the Studio Guide booklet.

You can upload images and text to your online artist page as soon as your application for membership has been accepted and your fees paid. The sooner your page is populated, the sooner visitors will see your work. Your key online image and your (optional) headshot will be used by Artists At Home to promote your work. This is a year-round programme of social media with a big campaign to promote the annual live AAH open studios event which is paralleled online.

How do I apply?

Please use our online application process.

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