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With thanks to our principal sponsor Horton and Garton

Horton and Garton

We spoke to John Horton, founder and Director of Horton and Garton, about his involvement with Artists At Home.

What do you most enjoy about Artists at Home?

I think I relish the opportunity to create art trails and want to visit every artist. I enjoy getting to know the artists, developing a deeper understanding of their creative processes and inspirations.

Why is it important to you to help support events like this?

Artists At Home is one of the longest established community organisations here in West London which instantly makes it precious to me. I've had an affection for the group for decades and first sponsored AAH in 2000 when I was the director of a different agency. In a time of funding cuts, Horton and Garton wants to help sustain the thriving art community in our neighbourhoods. By championing Artists At Home, we are protecting our local artists. 

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