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Frequently asked questions

Why is this different from buying at a gallery?

You get to meet and talk with the artist; a great way to discover artists working in your local area. Artists taking part may be at any stage of their career; discover those just starting out or who have a more informal way of showing their work, or well-established artists and recognised names. Some artists are showing in their studios, so you will get to see more of their process and materials, sketchbooks, etc., which you don't usually get to see at a gallery.

Can I contact the artists at other times?

Artists At Home is now open online all year long. You can find contact details for each artist and make enquries using the simple form on their page. Artists often have other events throughout the year, so please get in touch with them if you have a question or would like to go on their mailing list. You don't have to wait until next year!

Can I commission work?

Commissioning bespoke work can be exciting. If you find an artist whose work you really enjoy, ask them. Not all artists work for commission, but they will be happy to discuss it with you.

I feel a bit nervous about going into someone’s home – won’t it feel odd?

That’s what makes it fun! You get to see art in a home setting and the artists who taking part are used to visitors wandering in and out. It’s unlikely you will be the only person there and you will be very welcome. Why not go around with a friend and make a day of it?

What if I don’t like their work?

Art is unique and we all respond differently. Artists know this and you don’t have to stay a long time, we know you may have a lot of studios you want to see. Of course we enjoy hearing when you do see something you love, but if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s fine too.

Do I have to buy something?

There is no pressure at all to buy, you are welcome just to come and look. You may be surprised to find handmade pieces more affordable than you think and many artists have prints or cards available too.

How do I choose who to visit?

Some visitors pick one area, others plan across our zone – it’s up to you. We suggest you have a browse and create a shortlist to mark your favourites, but when you are out on the trail, make sure to pop in to other studios which may be near by. And don’t forget to check out studios which are further out – they could turn out to be your favourite.

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