Antonia Young

Studio 34

The 2021 open studios weekend is now over but we are open all year online. Please contact the artist direct.

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020 8748 1977

Also at this studio:

Ceramics, sculpture

I have always enjoyed working with clay, and enjoy all the different aspects of creating both figures and pottery. 
Many of the figures  are originally made in clay or wax, and then cast in bronze or bronze resin, although some terracotta figures are fired in the kiln. My pots are mainly designed to be useful as well as satisfying to look at and handle.

I particularly enjoy designing and making figures suitable to be made into fountains, bird baths or just to be situated near water. 

Sergei Polunin - bronze resin
Bronze resin 20cm x 20cm
Ref: 2021-127
Mounted on black base


Kate tying her shoe
Bronze resin 15cm x 19cm
Ref: 2021-5120


Blue/black vase
Glazed stoneware 8cm x 9cm
Ref: 2021-5119


Maquette for a Fountain
Bronze 45cm x 26cm
Ref: 2021-5090
Mounted on green marble revolving base


Poppy seated
Bronze 16cm x16cm
Ref: 2021-5039


Mother and Child plaque
Terracotta resin 27cm x 27cm
Ref: 2021-5038


Modern dancer
Bronze 36cm x 35cm
Ref: 2021-4549


Girl with a shell fountain
Lead resin 50cm x 21cm
Ref: 2021-4548
Includes small electric pump


Girl sitting on a wall
Bronze resin 26cm x 16cm
Ref: 2021-4546


The Fortune teller
Bronze 12cm x 13cm
Ref: 2021-4545


Dancer doing her hair
Bronze resin 17cm x 16cm
Ref: 2021-4543


Hexagonal teapot
Stoneware with cane handle 14cm x 14cm
Ref: 2021-4542
Not for sale. Can be made to order, price on application


Stoneware bowl
Glazed white stoneware 19cm x 7cm
Ref: 2021-4537


Bronze 33cm x 24cm
Ref: 2021-4533
Height includes base


Stoneware 17cm x 20cm
Ref: 2021-4528


Romeo and Juliet plaque
Terracotta resin 25cm x 39cm
Ref: 2021-4527


Girl playing lute
Bronze 21cm x 15cm
Ref: 2021-4526


Maquette for a garden figure
Bronze resin 16cm x 11cm
Ref: 2021-4525


Woman in chair reading
Bronze resin 17cm x 16cm
Ref: 2021-4519


Girl with shell fountain and birdbath
Lead resin Three quarter lifesize
Ref: 2021-4517
To use as a fountain, this figure needs to be I a small pond


Girl washing her hair bird bath/fountain
Lead resin
Ref: 2021-4516
Uses small electric pump


Large striped stoneware bowl
Glazed stoneware 20cm x 8cm
Ref: 2021-4220
Many similar bowls available of various sizes and glazes and prices ranging from £15.00-£50.00


Modern dancer -
Bronze resin 28cm x 32cm
Ref: 2021-321


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