Jill Revie

Studio 4

The 2021 open studios weekend is now over but we are open all year online. Please contact the artist direct.

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020 8987 9156

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Also at this studio:


This year I am showing still life and views based on drawings from my travel sketchbooks. There will also be paintings inspired by the Indian watercolours I saw last year.  I have a large collection of pots and fabrics, which I use to create  paintings based on the atmosphere of different places.

Each picture has a bespoke frame hand-made by my long-standing framers, Cotswold Art Supplies in Stow-on-the-Wold.

Low tide at the Dove
Oil on canvas 81x81cms
Ref: 2021-6338
Size includes the bespoke frame


Studio Wall
Oil on canvas 60 x 70cms
Ref: 2021-7080
Suddenly, I was inspired by what is right in front of me in the studio!


River boats
Oil on canvas 60 x 50cms
Ref: 2021-6166
Summer on the Vilaine in Brittany


Aldeburgh Beach
Oil on canvas 50 x 50
Ref: 2021-2215
Aldeburgh has no harbour so the fishing boats are pulled up onto the pebbly beach


Oil on linen 65cms x 55cms
Ref: 2021-2208


Oil on linen 65 x 55cms
Ref: 2021-3360
Hand-painted frame by Cotswold Art Supplies


Sunday morning
Oil on canvas 30 x 40
Ref: 2021-2214
Reading the paper on the seafront at St Aubin sur Mer


Moghul pots
Oil on canvas 105 cms x 80cms
Ref: 2021-3496
Inspired by Indian watercolour paintings


Moghul pots
Oil on canvas 105x80cms
Ref: 2021-6317
This is the same painting, showing the frame.


Turkish jug
Oil on canvas 42 x 42cms
Ref: 2021-6163


Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cms
Ref: 2021-6167
Lunch on a small island on Lake Como


Carol's jug
Oil on canvas 65 by 50 cms
Ref: 2021-6162


Oil on linen 65 x 55
Ref: 2021-1811
Inspired by exhibition of Indian art at the Wallace Collection


Blue bowls
Oil on canvas 90x80cms
Ref: 2021-6168
The size incudes the bespoke frame


Venice washing
Oil on canvas 80 x 65 cms
Ref: 2021-6164
A sunny morning in Venice. Painted from my sketchbook.


Spring Sunshine
Oil on canvas 50cms x50cms
Ref: 2021-1810


Cream bowl
Oil on canvas 42 x 42cms
Ref: 2021-7081


Blue jar
Oil on canvas 85x85
Ref: 2021-3039


Ebb tide
Oil on canvas 80 x 95cms
Ref: 2021-2216
Inspired by the view over the beach at Roscoff


Marrakesh shop
Oil on canvas 80cms x 80cms
Ref: 2021-1807
Bright colours outside a Moroccan shop


Granada house
Oil on canvas 80 x 70 cms
Ref: 2021-3043
A street scene in Granada


The carpet shop
Oil on canvas 60 x 80
Ref: 2021-1809
A street scene in Marrakesh. Narrow hand-painted frame


Turquoise cup
oil on canvas 42 x 42cms
Ref: 2021-5361
Size includes frame


Oil on canvas 50cms x50cms
Ref: 2021-2217


Maltese boat
Oil on canvas 50x50cms
Ref: 2021-3025


Pam's rug - blue
Oil on canvas 70 x 70 cms
Ref: 2021-3023


Green apples
Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cms
Ref: 2021-3031


Spring Still Life
Oil on canvas 70cms x 70cms
Ref: 2021-2212


Venice doorway
Oil on canvas 55 x 65 cms
Ref: 2021-3020
A quiet corner of Venice


Oil on linen 45 x 35 cms
Ref: 2021-3024
A sunny wall in venice


Big blue
Oil on canvas 65x65cms
Ref: 2021-3026
A summer painting in a simple frame


Beans and lentils
Oil on canvas 40 x 50
Ref: 2021-2210
A smaller version of Marrakesh Shop


Blue Still Life
Oil on canvas 60 x 80
Ref: 2021-1806


Tugboats, Italy
Oil on canvas 42 x 42 cms
Ref: 2021-3022
One of a pair of small paintings


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