Francesca Boyd

Studio 46

52 askew crescent
London W12

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Stained glass /mixed media

I am an artist and designer, I live just north of Hammersmith and have worked with glass for the past 10 years.

My pieces for the exhibition are usually small and portable, while designed to evoke space and landscape.

My training in drawing and painting and my past experience working as a professional set designer continues to influence and inform my approach.I have always had a great need to make and create and continue to be eclectic and somewhat irreverent in my approach.

My aim is to respond to the inherent qualities of all the materials I put together - the glass, lead, paint, copper and indeed the setting if the glass has to go into a given space ie commisions.  

I like to make pieces that have an evocative, spatial, elusive, elemental and incidental quality at heart. I am always looking to create an organic design in response to working with, rather than imposing a design on - this way I have the chance of capturing something I have never seen before.  It is very important to me too that my glass work touches and connects emotionally with those viewing it.






Studio information

The studio is on the ground floor.

2 steps down to kitchen area - where some work will be shown.

Askew Crescent runs directly across the Askew road which confuses many people.Heading North up along the Askew road away from Hammersmith my address is the left turn off the Askew road. There is a big cherry tree in the front garden and a white 2CV parked outside the house.

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