Julien Hipeau

Studio 16

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07931 474169


Wood and resin sculpture

After a demanding week of commuting and screen time, weekends become my refuge for family and my sculpting hobby. My artistic journey started at the Art Academy London, and, after a couple of courses, I quickly became addicted.

Initially molding clay into a mural sculpture of Jean Cocteau's drawing, a gorilla, tentacles, a few French buldogs and figures, I faced the challenge of lacking a kiln. Adapting, I started creating molds and cast them in plaster and resin.

As my work transitioned from clay to wood, it marked a significant shift, introducing a sense of permanence and uniqueness. Some pieces were commissioned by friends and family.

The wooden realm expanded to include Giraffes, whale sharks, Eagle rays, and Seahorses, made out of one or several pieces of wood.

Each piece, whether in clay or wood, carries stories and emotions from my artistic exploration. The commissioned pieces, in particular, hold a special place.

I hope viewers will enjoy these creations as much as my friends and family do



Seahorse Sapele wood
Painted wood 32cm x 14cm
(Limited edition of 1, 1 available)


Half wing eagle ray
Jesmonite water based resin 23cm x 26cm


Painted wood
Can be available in jesomite


Red seahorse
Painted wood 40cm x 18cm
(Limited edition of 1)


Wooden giraffe
Wood 80cm x 37cm
(Limited edition of 1)



Eagle ray
Painted wood 70cm x 80cm
(Limited edition of 1)


Bear in snow
Wood 14cm x 12cm
(Limited edition of 1, 1 available)


Orpheus the lyre and Hermes
Jesmonite Water based resin 55cm x 46cm
Wall sculpture inspired from Jean Cocteau


Elephant head
Jesomite 18cm x 17cm
Available in different colours


French Bulldog
Plaster resin




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