Thomas Doran

Studio 1

The 2021 open studios weekend is now over but we are open all year online. Please contact the artist direct.

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07961 145980


Also at this studio:

Drawing, mixed media, painting

Painter and modelmaker. The art has an anecdotal quality, picturing places and events that might otherwise have disappeared unrecorded. In recent years, the commemorative aspect of my creative efforts has broadened; reflecting my interest in some of the more obscure, uncanny and cobwedded aspects of popular culture. 

Oil on wood panel 12 X 17CM
Ref: 2021-6817


Chiswick Park
Oil on wood panel 20 x 14 cm
Ref: 2021-7713


Ziwzih Ziwzhi OO-OO-OO
Oil on canvas 105 x 73 cm
Ref: 2021-7712


Oil on wood panel 14 X 18 CM
Ref: 2021-7711


Oil on wood panel 13 x 20 cm
Ref: 2021-7710


Oil on wood panel 15 x 13 cm
Ref: 2021-7707


Cone at 2 O'clock
Oil on wood panel 13 x 10 cm
Ref: 2021-7706


Shoreditch 3
Oil on wood panel 16 x 16 cm
Ref: 2021-6865


Oil on wood panel 21 X 30 CM
Ref: 2021-6864


Chris's Cardboard Wings or Heaven Is Really Fantastic
Oil on wood panel 23 x 19 cm
Ref: 2021-6863


Oil on wood panel 12 x 22 cm
Ref: 2021-6862


Windmill, Anglesey
Oil on wood panel 9 x 13 cm
Ref: 2021-6861


Windmill and Steam Mill
Oil on wood panel 11 x 14 cm
Ref: 2021-6860


Chimneys and Gull
Oil on wood panel 9 x 13 cm
Ref: 2021-6833


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