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Studio 29

32 cleveland avenue
W4 1SN

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Also at this studio:

Printmaking: cardboard cuts, monoprints and linocuts

Royal Academy Shortlised 2019/2020 and selected 2018 when my 'Dark in the Park' print of Chiswick Park tube station was selected for the exhibition and sold out.

Having to show my work totally online is not a natural place for me. I much prefer my work to be seen and talked about ‘in person’, it always looks better in real life. If you would like to see my prints at my studio, do get in touch and I am sure I can accommodate you in a safe and socially distant visit, (when allowed). Pictures can be delivered/shipped or collected from my studio. I make all my own frames to Conservation standards, so you can choose a perfect match to suit your print and décor without having to go anywhere else. 

After graduating from Maidstone College of Art in 1986, I became a freelance illustrator for over twenty-five years. An underlying fascination with printmaking drew me to enrol in a course at The Curwen Print Study Centre in 2010 from which I never looked back and have been producing hand burnished prints from my studio in Chiswick ever since.

I am inspired by the beautiful buildings and various stations that surround me. These buildings are so well known and used everyday that I wanted to stop, look at them properly and appreciate their beauty on paper. My prints start by visiting, drawing and photographing my chosen subject at different times of the day and night. Developing this back in the studio, I work out what I want to ‘say’ about the building. After cutting my drawing out from lino or cardboard, I work onto the ‘block’ by rolling, painting, wiping, scratching or masking it, before printing many different layers. All my prints are produced without a press by hand burnishing the back of the print with a wooden or metal spoon and a Japanese baren. This means each print in the edition has variations, making it totally unique.

Linocut 10 x 10cms
Ref: 2021-5081
£115 framed 20 x 20cms


Linocut 10 x 10cms
Ref: 2021-5079
£115 framed 20 x 20cms


Linocut 10 x 10cms
Ref: 2021-5080
£115 framed 20 x 20cms


Addison Grove Gable
Linocut/transfer print 30 x 28cms
Ref: 2021-2748
Edition of 28.


La Luna
Monoprint 15 x 15cms
Ref: 2021-4456
£120 framed. 30 x 30cms. Variable edition other prints available.


Addison Grove Gable (framed)
Linocut/transfer print 46 x 46cms
Ref: 2021-2747


For Bedford Park
Linocut 30 x 28cms
Ref: 2021-2744
Edition of 28. Unframed


Linocut 10 x 10cms
Ref: 2021-2745
£60 framed 30 x 30cms. Can be personalised


For Bedford Park (framed)
Linocut 46 x 46cms
Ref: 2021-2743


The Last Dog Walker
Cardboard cut. 45 x 53cms. £295 framed, £245 unframed.
Ref: 2021-1280
Currently finishing the edition, contact me to reserve a print.


Park Royal Blues
Cardboard cut mono print 38 x 59cms
Ref: 2021-4454
£450 framed 66 x 83cms


Back in the Bec
Linocut 30 x 30cms
Ref: 2021-4478
£295 framed 52 x 52cms


Paddington Departure
Linocut/transfer/monoprint 55 x 37
Ref: 2021-4460
£365 framed 80 x 58cms


Chiswick Park Tube Station series
Linocut 52 x 52cms framed
Ref: 2021-1281
10/12 Edition. Last pair available in this series, a few single prints available, contact me for more information.


Evensong on the Green
Indian Ink & Watercolour Original framed 62 x 46cms
Ref: 2021-4480


The Bridge
Linocut/monoprint/ink drawing 30 x 30cms
Ref: 2021-4449
£295 framed.


Linocut 30 x 28cms.
Ref: 2021-4453
£275 framed 47 x 47cms


The Bridge
Linocut/monoprint/ink drawing. 30 x 29cms
Ref: 2021-734
Framed £295. 53 x 53cms


Voysey House
Linocut/screenprint £ 275 framed 45 x 55cms
Ref: 2021-4450


Voysey House
Linocut/screenprint 45 x 55cms framed size
Ref: 2021-4451
£225 unframed


Voysey House Wallpaper
Linocut/transfer print 30 x 30cms
Ref: 2021-4452
£295 framed 53 x 53cms


Voysey House Series at the 'Chiswick in Pictures' Exhibition
Cardboard cut/transfer print 30 x 30cms framed - £150 each. £120 unframed.
Ref: 2021-1283
The prints on the top row were shortlisted for the RA 'Autumn' Exhibition 2020.


Voysey’s Apex
Cardboard cut 15 x 15cms
Ref: 2021-5082
£150 framed 30 x 30


Greetings cards
minimum spend £10 Top row £3 each/2 for £5
Ref: 2021-5137
Square cards - £2 each/3 for £5. Will deliver/post or collection from studio.


Kew Railway Bridge Rowers
Cardboard cut/transfer & mono print 53 x 37cms
Ref: 2021-4479
£365 framed 73 x 53cms


Dusk on the Thames
Monoprint/card cut 38 x 29cms
Ref: 2021-5085
£195 framed 50 x 40cms


Hammersmith Bridge
Pencil drawing/screen pint 18.5 x 41.5cms
Ref: 2021-5086
£170 framed 57 x 37cms


St. Mary's Church, Saffron Walden
Cardboard cut/mono print 55 x 75cms
Ref: 2021-5136
£650 framed 75 x 100cms


Blue Forest
Linocut 30 x 30cms
Ref: 2021-4455
£275 framed 53 x 53cms


Der Noch Mond
Cardboard cut/monoprint 35 x 56cms unframed
Ref: 2021-5135
£365 framed


Purple Road
Linocut 19.5 x 25
Ref: 2021-5084
£130 framed 32 x 42cms


Der Noch Mond in situ
Framed 58 x 80cms
Ref: 2021-5134


Grey Road
Linocut 19.5 x 25cms
Ref: 2021-5083
£130 framed 32 x 42cms


Hothouse Camellia
Linocut 30 x 30cms
Ref: 2021-730
Edition of 15. Framed in white wood £275


Middlemist's Red
Linocut 30 x 30cms
Ref: 2021-4464
£80 framed in white wood.


Spring Cherry
Cardboard cut/transfer print 11 x 23cms
Ref: 2021-4461
£130 framed 26 x 36cms


Winter Cherry
Cardboard cut/transfer print 11 x 23cms
Ref: 2021-4462
£130 framed 26 x 36cms


Autumn Cherry
Cardboard cut/transfer print 11 x 23cms
Ref: 2021-4463
£130 framed 26 x 36cms


Beech Hues
Ref: 2021-4459
£145 framed


Beech Hues
Ref: 2021-4458
£145 framed


Beech Hues
Ref: 2021-4457
£145 framed


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Studio information

The studio is on the ground floor.

The main exhibition is on the ground floor, Rachel's working studio is upstairs.


A short walk from Stamford Brook tube station and Chiswick High Road, down the far end of Cleveland Avenue.