Jane Elmer-Smith

Studio 52

This studio is open 17–19 June 2022

8 wingate road
W6 0UR

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Jane Elmer-Smith studied at The Central School of Art and Design and gained a BA (Hons) in 3 Dimensional Design followed by a year at London University Institute of Education where she obtained an Art Teachers Certificate.

Jane specialises in decorative earthenware. Every piece is handmade and then decorated using slips, oxides and underglaze colours using sponging or painting techniques. Jane often takes her inspiration from nature to produce colourful and bold designs.

Decorative Earthenware


Tulip Jug
Thrown Earthenware H14 W12 D12
Hand decorated with slips and underglaze colours


Expresso Coffee Cups
Earthenware 3cm x 3cm


Expresso Coffee Cups
Earthenware 3m x 3m


Tulips Platter
Earthenware H5 x W37 x D37
Decorated with slips and underglaze colours


Quirky Cups, Saucers and Spoons
Earthenware Cup H6 x W10 x D10 Saucer H2 x W14 x D14
Sponged decoration with cobalt oxide


Blue Tulips Platter
Earthenware H5 x W37 x D37


Lacy Platter
Press moulded earthenware H6 x W43 x D14
Decorated with oxides.


Selection of my decorative earthenware


Hand built in Earthenware. 34m height
Each piece handbuilt so no two the same. Decorated with slips and gold lustre.


"Under the Sea" Candle Holders
Earthenware H7 x W20 x D20
Decorated with slips, underglaze colours and lustres


Quirky Teaspoons
Earthenware Sponged decoration


Spotty Mugs


Thrown Tulip Bowls


Selection of "pink" decorative earthenware


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Studio information

The studio is on the ground floor.

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