Joanna Brendon

Studio 39

9 windmill road
W4 1RN

[javascript protected email address]
07951 975472

Painting, charcoal drawings, prints

“With a landscape subject matter that is often intensely familiar to her, Joanna Brendon's bold, abstracting way of working creates paintings rich in dramatic feeling and entirely mysterious in character”.  Nicholas Usherwood

Joanna Brendon is drawn to the ever-changing image of moving water, and the point where it hits the land – liquid meeting solid, soft meeting hard. Her painting process can be deceptively lengthy and can involve many layers; some are clearly revealed, some glimpsed, some hidden. The pulling and pushing, adding and subtracting is integral to the visual history of each piece. She maintains energy and freshness, whilst abstracting to a point where there are clues, but also a deliberate degree of ambiguity. Working in series, she allows one painting to inform another which in turn redirects her to the first, as she discovers the appropriate ‘chord clusters’ of colour.

As well as painting, she makes bold charcoal drawings, enjoying the immediacy of the medium. Opens in a new window


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Studio information

The studio is on the ground floor.

One small step at front door.   Otherwise level throughout.

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